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Aikido movies from all over the world

Disclaimer: If any of these films are copyrighted, I am sorry. I get no money off of them, and I figure they can help showing what Aikido is to beginners. If there are any problems, please e-mail me and I shall either take the film off or note that it belongs to somebody in particular. Thank you.


Description File Size
Morihei Ueshiba osensei.mpg 196 KB
Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba dueshiba.mpg 150 KB
Morihiro Saito, randori, long loading time, but worth it! saito1.mpg 605 KB
Morihiro Saito, randori saito2.mpg 114 KB
Masatomi Ikeda, koshi-nage ikeda.mpg 200 KB
Masatomi Ikeda, katate-tori irimi-nage (direct) ikeda1.mpg 167 KB
Masatomi Ikeda, gyaku-hanmi tenchi-nage ikeda2.mpg 353 KB
Masatomi Ikeda, katate-tori kokyu-nage ikeda3.mpg 116 KB
Masatomi Ikeda, kote-gaeshi ikeda4.mpg 320 KB
Steven Seagal, irimi-nage seagal.mpg 87 KB
Christian Tissier, katate-tori sumi-otoshi tissier.mpg 384 KB
Philippe Goutard goutard1.mpg 259 KB
Philippe Goutard goutard2.mpg 166 KB