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Movies about IAIDO and AIKIKEN

Disclaimer: If any of these films are copyrighted, I am sorry. I get no money off of them, and I figure they can help showing what Iaido is to beginners. If there are any problems, please e-mail me and I shall either take the film off or note that it belongs to somebody in particular. Thank you.


Description File Size
Iaido Kata iaido.mpg 490 KB
Enemy is pretending to say "good bye" itomagoi.mpg 138 KB
Midnight Sword / divert attention by clicking the tip of the sword nobuo.mpg 225 KB
Draw the sword, push the way through the crowd, then strike sodesuri.mpg 231 KB
Enter a gate kadoiri.mpg 249 KB
Begin of a Kata iaido42.mpg 902 KB
Training with Bokken (wooden sword) aikiken.mpg 472 KB